“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”


― Rumi






 Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery") is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. As a philosophy, breakage and scars are histories of an object and an opportunity to embrace imperfection.


I have been busy in my mind with this project since almost 2015 maybe due to some personal experiences which I went through and later I found out that they might be very common among us as human-beings and then I started looking for ways to illustrate my thoughts in this regard.


My greatest motivation or better said question in mind was ‘’ How some of us as human beings might be able to pull our broken pieces back to each other after being emotionally broken in order to reinvent and fix our inner emotional lands and some not?’’




I was inspired on my way and deeply touched in heart by the act of committing suicide by some world-wide well-known icons whose ideologies and works have a great effect on human society but weren’t able to find their inner peace in their physical lives again.


Firstly, I started working and trying out different materials and I finally decided to work with clay as a finely-grained soil as believed in many religions that we are made up from soil and would go back to it. I painted the portraits of these famous people on clay sheets which I made myself. Based on my research and the knowledge I gained from their life stories and their personalities, I decided to make their clay sheets with different thickness which could express the differences in their natures. The most moving and critical moment in this project for me was the moment in which I broke the clay sheets. Unbelievably in front of my eyes the destruction of the sheets could greatly explain and illustrate their personality traits and this was just like an Aha! moment for me.










Steps Taken



1. Preparing the clay sheets


2. Drawing the portraits on the sheets


3. The damages


4. Repairing with gold










in Sprachrohr

the official newspaper of the student representative of the university of Würzburg.